The Low Down - About Us

Trap Housewares bridges hip-hop culture with upscale home goods. Established in 2018, Trap Housewares is a black owned brand that represents the creativity so often cultivated by our culture. Our mission is to design and curate products that represent sophistication intertwined with subtle rachetness. We want you to have your Target and T.I., too.

"What is Trap?" What is Trappin?
Trappin essentially is a form of hustling. Trappin from the hood looks a lot different from trapping as a middle class family. We don't believe Trappin has to be synonymous with the illegal sell of drugs. For us, Trap is a hustle mentality used to provide for our family. Trap Housewares gives us a chance to use our cultural platform to create products that represent us, our community and our generation.

"My life accelerated, but had to wait my turn. But then I redecorated. That means my tables turned." - J. Cole